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A Guilt-Free, Chocolatey Treat

on 03/23/2012

If you are anything like me then you occasionally crave a treat and sometimes it’s even chocolatey in nature.  …Then the guilt sets in and we ask ourselves, “Was that really worth it?” For me the answer is often, “No.”
HOWEVER, I stumbled upon this recipe on a website entitled ‘Sustainable Baby Steps’ and have already prepared it twice this week, GUILT-FREE. The first time I shared it with some lovely ladies at a Birth Talk meeting, where I gave a brief presentation on eating for conception, pregnancy & breastfeeding, with raving reviews! This time, I have tweeked the recipe and added the following ingredients: walnuts, sesame seeds & coconut shavings and Miss Rylan approved.


-1 cup of Organic, Coconut Oil

-3/4 cup of Organic, Raw Cacao Powder

-1/3 cup Organic Raw Honey

-1 tsp Vanilla Extract

-Dash of Sea Salt

-Optional – almonds, walnuts, coconut shavings, seeds, strawberries, etc.


1. Begin by melting the Coconut Oil & Honey. Using a glass measuring cup containing Coconut Oil and Honey submerged in a boiling pot of water (temperature= medium) is what worked best for me. (Be sure that no water gets into the measuring cup).

2. Once Coconut Oil & Honey are completely melted add Cacao Powder, Vanilla extract & sea salt and mix well.

3. Place optional ingredients in a glass dish and pour “chocolatey treat” on top.

4. Place in freezer for approximately an hour to harden.

5. Remove from freezer and store in fridge.

6. Be sure to share with friends!

This recipe is an enjoyable way to receive your healthy, saturated fats & nuts. :)

One response to “A Guilt-Free, Chocolatey Treat

  1. I make a similar dessert, and it’s so delicious. Believe it or not, it’s actually good with a 1/2 cup of pureed sweet potato. When you use sweet potato you can cut the honey in half. Great recipe!

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