Dani Kelly, RHN

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Norah’s Birth Story

on 05/06/2015

Norah Soleil Margaret Kelly

January 6, 2013

11:53 pm

lbs., 11 oz.


The day of Norah’s birth was a beautiful winter day.  It had warmed up a little, and people were starting to come out of hibernation mode, anxious to leave their cozy homes for a breath of fresh air.  Perhaps that’s what nudged Norah into this world on this particular date.

Sunday morning I received a message from Dani via Facebook.  She had been cramping and dealing with a back ache since the night before.  Despite this and some birth show, she had slept quite well.  She was excited for this to be the day she and Colin would meet their daughter, and Rylan meet her sister!  I told her we’d keep in touch through the day, and to call if she wanted me to come over.

Throughout the day the rushes became stronger and closer together.  At around 9:15 pm,  Dani called me.  Things were getting pretty intense, she said.  I headed to her apartment. 

When I arrived at 9:45 pm, I walked into a very relaxed, joyful room.  Dani lounged on the couch with a heating pad while Colin timed contractions on his laptop.  Dani’s mom, Gail,was there, and we visited for a while.  Every so often, Dani would shift and start to breathe deeply.   “Here comes another one!  Start me up, Colin!”  The contractions were still a bit irregular.

Having been in touch with some friends who worked at the hospital, Dani had found out that there hadn’t yet been a New Year’s baby for 2013.  She and Colin started to consider birthing at URVH for their chance at the honour.  Soon, the decision was made.  Norah would make her entrance into the world at the hospital, rather than home.  Once that was settled, the contractions started to pick up.  They became stronger, and Dani put on her serious face.  We bustled around getting an overnight bag packed.  I suggested Dani get into the shower, and she crouched there, letting the spray massage her back.  She moaned through contractions and I could tell they were bringing Norah closer.

It was around 11:15 pm when we arrived at the labour ward at URVH.  Knowing that Dani had planned a homebirth, the nurses were rather surprised when we showed up in active labour.   Dani and Colin were positive of what they wanted for their baby’s birth, and confidently expressed their wishes to the staff.  The resident doctor, Dr. Kate MacKercher, took some time to ask some questions and did her best to accommodate them.  

Dani had settled into the Jacuzzi tub immediately on arriving.  The bath slowly filled up as Dani let the shower spray her back.  I rubbed her lower back, and Colin gave her wonderful support, affirming her hard work.  In the light of the candle, we could see that Dani’s breathing had changed slightly.   “I feel like pushing,” she moaned.  Not wanting to push too soon, I suggested she pant through a couple contractions with me.  Soon, though, there was no denying the urge!

Dani stepped out of the tub and lay on the bed, quickly flipping over to a more comfortable position on her hands and knees.  Dr. MacKercher confirmed that she was indeed fully dilated, and with that, Dani followed her body’s urges.  She breathed her baby out, slowly, completely in control.  Charlee, and her mother watched from the side as their niece and granddaughter emerged into the world.  Nurse Beth, with Dr. MacKercher, guided her little body out and immediately handed her to Colin.  He held his daughter, the emotions playing on his face – pride, joy, relief and such happiness!  As Dani turned to lie on her back, Colin laid little Norah on her chest.  They cuddled their daughter, adoring every bit of her.  

Not very long after Norah’s birth, Dani’s father and stepmother, Rick and Margo, came in.  Dr. Boyle also showed up – Norah had come so quickly that they had just missed it!  

Dani and Colin had a special request for Norah’s birth.  They had wanted to birth the placenta before having the cord cut.  This was not a usual request for the staff, but they agreed.  The new little family enjoyed some snuggles and it wasn’t until almost an hour later that the placenta birthed.  

And so, a beautiful little girl joined her family earth side…the first URVH baby of 2013!





Written by Emilie Patterson – Thank you for the honour of accompanying you on your birth journey!  

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