Dani Kelly, RHN

"The evidence for nutritional therapy is becoming so strong that if the doctors of today don’t become nutritionists, the nutritionists will become the doctors of tomorrow." – Anonymous Irish Doctor

About Dani

Dani studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Moncton, New Brunswick.  She graduated in August 2011 as a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant (R.H.N.’s).  An R.H.N. is a qualified professional who is trained to recommend dietary, supplemental and lifestyle choices to their clients that will benefit them by helping them to re-balance their body, mind and spirit.  Dani assesses clients dietary needs and symptoms by taking into account their stress levels, exercise regimes and overall lifestyle choices.  R.H.N.’s believe every client is bio-chemically unique.

Dani is trained to give you the tools to help yourself gain health and vitality.  She has experience in helping clients lose weight, boost their immune systems, detoxify their body, lower high cholesterol and hypertension.  She has helped women treat their symptoms of PMS and menopause and teach them how to optimize fertility.  She has helped men and women with inflammatory disorders (arthritis, IBS, fibromyalgia, GERD, Etc.) as well as mental health issues such as depression and seasonal affective disorder.  Dani has helped people suffering from blood sugar imbalances (diabetes and hypoglycemia), food allergies, intestinal parasites, candida and issues concerning the glandular/endocrine system such as adrenal fatigue.  She hopes to help you on your quest for personal health and wellness.

If you have questions or would like more information on how Dani can help you, please contact her by Phone: 506.323.0727, on Facebook or by E-mail.

Based out of Woodstock, N.B., Canada

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