Dani Kelly, RHN

"The evidence for nutritional therapy is becoming so strong that if the doctors of today don’t become nutritionists, the nutritionists will become the doctors of tomorrow." – Anonymous Irish Doctor

Your Health is in Your Hands

Lavender Holistic aims to educate the people of western, rural New Brunswick on local, organic food choices resulting in an increase of health and positivity – while at the same time, promoting food security in our area.

Dani Crandlemire Kelly, Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, provides such services as:

Nutritional Consultations (60 minutes) 1-0n-1 consultation including:

  • lifestyle assessment
  • symptom evaluation
  • written recommended diet/supplement/lifestyle plan
  • specific menu plan

*Allow 1-2 weeks for written consult & meal plan

Meal Planning & Detox Programs

  • Meal plans created specifically for your dietary needs

*Initial Assessment is required

Follow-Up Sessions (30 minutes)

  • symptom evaluation
  • updated dietary/supplement/lifestyle plan
  • meal plan

*Allow 1 week for updated written consult and meal plan

Shopping Tours (1 hr)

  • Learn about healthy food alternatives and supplements in your local grocery/health food store
  • Learn how to read and understand food labels

Seminars (1 hrs)

  • Private or group sessions
  • Topics such as: Vegetarianism, Veganism, Raw Foods; Enzymes; Weight-loss; Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Candida-free, Parasite Elimination Meal Planning; Detoxification; Immunity, Eating for Fertility & Vitality; Health during Conception, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding; Beat the Winter Blues with Nutrition; Herbs; Etc.


  • One 1-0n-1 Nutritional Consultation & 2- Follow-up Sessions
  • Family packages including – Nutritional Consultations & Follow-up Sessions for parents & children

Appointments are available in your home or location of choice, for your convenience.  Dani offers flexible scheduling and weekend appointments.

To schedule an appointment please contact Dani by Phone 506.323.0727 or E-mail.

Based out of Woodstock, N.B., Canada

2 responses to “Your Health is in Your Hands

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey Dani, been doing a little searching on oregano oil to help remove a mole. Do you know if this is true? Thoughts?

  2. Dani Crandlemire says:

    I haven’t heard of this but am not surprised that oil of oregano would be capable of this! It is a powerhouse for the alternative medicine cabinet. I would be to eager hear about your results! In the meantime, I will do some research. Thanks for the message. I hope you, Sheldon and your girls are well. :)

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